Steak Cuts 101

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Which cut is the fairest one of all?”

You don’t need a nursery rhyme to figure this one out. breaks it all down for you right here.

  • Which cut is the most tender?
  • Which cut has the most flavor?
  • Which cut will give me everything I could ever want and more?

There are several different types of cuts, certainly, more than we’re willing to muse about here. We just don’t have enough space! But we’ll kick it off with the most popular, and you can just go from there.

It’s steak. What could possibly go wrong?!  

Filet Mignon

We love a good filet. Who doesn’t? The filet cut is lean, with little fat (good for dieters), so the flavors are going to be mild compared to the cuts below. Yet it’s so tender and buttery! Pan roasted or grilled, a filet will taste fantastic … so long as it’s not overcooked.

New York Strip

Not quite as tender as the filet, yet not as fatty as the rib eye, the New York strip is possibly a bit overlooked. This cut has some marbling, so the flavors are going to be there, more so than the filet. This is a versatile go-to that can be prepared any way you like!

Rib Eye

a.k.a. the Cowboy, a.k.a. the Tomahawk, a.k.a So yummy! 
The rib eye can come with the rib bone attached or boneless (although we have no idea why you would ever want it boneless). This cut is defined by its fat—both marbled within the steak and on the edges from the fat cap. Because of that, rib eyes are great prepared in a cast-iron pan, on the grill or over charcoal.


Hey there, big daddy! The porterhouse (or T-bone steak) is merely a New York strip and a filet, making it the ideal cut to share. You get the best of it all: tenderness and some marbled deliciousness. Because of the bone preventing the meat to touch the surface, and shrinkage when seared, cast-iron pan cooking is not recommended for the porterhouse. Stick with grilling or broiling this cut instead.

“How would you like that?”

This is usually the follow up question from the waiter right after you order. Like whiskey, there is no “right” way. Actually, that’s not true. If you’re at a top-notch steakhouse, please, whatever you do, don’t request that your steak be cooked more than medium. If you truly like your steak medium-well, either have the chicken or save your money and just go to Outback Steakhouse. (No disrespect to Outback.)

Helpful Videos on Steak Cuts