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Guest Judges

Echo and Rig Steakhouse

Joe Lombardo

Echo and Rig Steakhouse Over/Under Review: “Over. A fairly extensive menu with a lot of good options. The Ribeye Cap and Portobello Fries, in particular, were excellent.”

Joe LombardoConnect on the Web
John Ramous

Echo and Rig Over/Under Review: “Over. Solid local steakhouse. Definitely worth another visit!”

John RamousConnect on FB
Robert Perkins

Echo and Rig Steakhouse Over/Under Review: “Over. I like the menu variety. Everything was put together well and the rib cap…it was amazing!”

Robert PerkinsConnect on FB

Scotch 80 Prime

Bret Davis

Scotch 80 Prime Over/Under Review: “Over. Absolutely amazing. One of the best appetizer and dessert menus in town. 

Bret DavisConnect on FB
Chris Johnson

Scotch 80 Prime Over/Under Review: “Over. Juiciest, most delicious burger every. Creamed corn brought a tear to my eye.”

Chris JohnsonConnect on FB
Mike Roitman

Scotch 80 Prime Over/Under Review: “Over. Rib cap and mac and cheese!”

Mike RoitmanConnect on FB


Keith Conrad

CraftSteak Over/Under Review: “Under. Service was good. Steak was good. Apps were good, but sides we’re weak.”

Keith ConradConnect on FB
Jonathan Boyar

CraftSteak Over/Under Review: “Over. But only for groups. The chef’s tasting is worth experiencing.”

Jonathan BoyarConnect on FB
Drew Weintraub

CraftSteak Over/Under Review: “Over. Group setting, flat iron was good, unobtrusive service. Didn’t want for anything.”

Drew WeintraubConnect on FB
David Grana

CraftSteak Over/Under Review: “Over. It’s the complete package. Favorite was the flat iron.”

David GranaConnect on FB

Herbs and Rye Steakhouse

Dave Johnson

Herbs and Rye Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. The tartare was good, the whiskey selection was great but all and all, not incredible.”

Dave JohnsonConnect Online
Brenden Graves

Herbs and Rye Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. The chicken and the whiskey are over the top! Steak and sides were underwhelming though.”

Brenden GravesConnect on FB
John Smith

Unfortunately, our third guest had to cancel last minute due to a work emergency.

John Smith

Andiamo Steakhouse 

Robert Perkins

Andiamo Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Over. The pasta was delicious. The tomahawk steak was a delight. But the service sucked. My water glass was dry most of the night.”

Robert PerkinsConnect on FB
Matt Horwitz

Andiamo Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Over.”

Matt HorwitzConnect on FB
Brett Thacker

Andiamo Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Over. Half the dishes were decent, and the other half were delicious. The agnolotti was great. The tomahawk chop with the butter sauce were delicious—as it should be for $89.”

Brett Thacker

Bavette’s Steakhouse

Jamie Prosser

Bavette’s Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Over. The experience is exceptional! I cannot say enough about the atmosphere and service, and the food is stellar, as well. This is the kind of place that makes you feel good from the moment you walk in the door and you are not really sure why. I will be back.”

Jamie ProsserConnect on FB
Matt Horwitz

Bavette’s Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. Generally, I thought it was a good experience. The remodel of the restaurant is beautiful. Although I did think it was a little too dark. Service was on point all night. Most of the food was great, however, I found the actual steaks to be a little lackluster and bland. The apps ranged from good (goat cheese in marinara) to great (steak tartar)! The composed dishes were all very good, too, with the standout being the fried chicken.”

Matt HorwitzConnect on FB
Jon Still

Bavette’s Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Over. Definitely over…I thought the atmosphere was amazing. Throwback feel. Awesome dark liquor selection and quality service. All that made up for what I consider to be minor shortcomings on food that will be worked out as the restaurant opens.”

Jon Still

PRIME Steakhouse

Amy Katz

PRIME Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. The service and food were good but nothing wowed me or has me itching to come back, especially for the price.  Since I couldn’t even see the fountains from my spot, I didn’t think the atmosphere was anything special.  It seemed loud, to top it off.  Overall I expected a little more out of a steakhouse of that nature.”

Amy KatzConnect on FB
Danielle Mizrachi

PRIME Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Over. The atmosphere and service are amazing. The truffle mashed potatoes and ginger sweet potatoes were incredible.”

Danielle MizrachiConnect on FB
Rachel Tabor

PRIME Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Over. I loved the atmosphere, especially the amazing view of the fountains. My steak was cooked perfectly and tasted good but, surprisingly, the chicken was my favorite.”

Rachel TaborConnect on FB

Oakville Steakhouse

Jon Schwab

Oakville Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. The food was genuinely forgettable and in some cases disappointing.  There wasn’t a dish that we “fought” over for the last bite.  Service was solid.  Atmosphere was pleasant-enough but had a sterile feel.  Vegas expects more… and so do we.”

Jon SchwabOwner - The Black Sheep RestaurantConnect on FB
Oliver Lovat

Oakville Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. The food was good, but it felt very much that we were in a hotel restaurant, rather than a restaurant that would stand alone in its own right; if it were a standalone it just wouldn’t make it!”

Oliver LovatUNLV ProfessorConnect on FB
Ofir Ventura

Oakville Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. It didn’t make me feel like it was a fine dining restaurant. For being a steakhouse on the Las Vegas Strip I expected more. It was just average.”

Ofir VenturaSerial Entrepreneur

Golden Steer Steakhouse

Robert McPeak

Golden Steer Steakhouse – Over/Under: “Under. It is more about the experience than the food. Cocktails and wine were solid.”

Robert McPeakPartner – McDoland CaranoConnect on FB
Ray Lucero

Golden Steer Steakhouse – Over/Under: “Under. I love the atmosphere. It’s a shame the food isn’t better. Wasn’t good enough for what we paid.”

Ray LuceroVice President – Plaza Bank
Adam Walker

Golden Steer Steakhouse – Over/Under Review: “Under. They’re selling old Vegas ambiance at new Vegas prices. Meat was decent, but now that I’ve checked this off the list, I don’t see a good reason to return.”

Adam WalkerIntelligence Analyst – LVMPD