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I remember as if it was yesterday. April 4, 2017, a Tuesday night; nothing special was going on in Las Vegas … except for everything! We had been planning this night for months. On the agenda, a visit to Cut by Wolfgang Puck in The Palazzo.

Jeff Levisman was expecting his third baby to be born within a month. This was going to be his last chance in a while for a boys’ night out. So what was so special? Jeff Finn just happened to be in town with Matt Smith.

Our good friend and fraternity brother Matt Horowich was the AGM at Cut at the time. He set us up with a reservation and continual awesome service throughout the night. It was the sort of treatment you only get when you “know someone.” It was fitting, too, to give Levisman a proper send off into the zombie land of Baby No. 3. And creating a magical experience for Finn. Over the years, fellow OverRye blogger Jarrad and I have had many steakhouse experiences with Finn all over the country. Finn was always the one who created the magic. Now it was our turn to return the favor.

We’re not going to review Cut in this post. It wouldn’t be fair because of how Matt took care of us that night. But just in case you’re wondering, it is one of the best steakhouse experiences that you could ever hope to have in Las Vegas.

The point is that this was the night was born. That evening, we unintentionally set the table (pun intended) for our version of a boys’ night out. Dori was the one who actually articulated the idea… To go visit as many Las Vegas steakhouses as we can and answer the often-asked question – which is the best steakhouse in Las Vegas? And it just developed from there.

So at least once a month (more if we can) Dori, Hayim and Jarrad will visit a Las Vegas steakhouse. Each of us will invite one guest so that the cast of characters will always change. Afterword, we will share our experience, including the atmosphere, service, spirit selection, wine, steak and anything else we find interesting.

Welcome to! We look forward to unpacking the Las Vegas steakhouse with you—over one rye at a time.

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