Unpacking the Las Vegas Steakhouse - One Rye at a Time

Welcome to OverRye

There’s always that discussion about which steakhouse is “The Best.” And when you’re in Las Vegas that discussion is amplified—all the greats are here! Some are unique. Some that are solid go-to. And, like most cities, there are some historic relics. So, with that said, we decided that once a month we will visit a Las Vegas steakhouse. Each of us will invite one friend for a total of six people, and we will write about our experience.

Welcome to OverRye.com. We look forward to unpacking the discussion of the Las Vegas steakhouse with you.

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Our “Almost Famous” Moment: OverRye at Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak

OverRye Review CraftSteak MGM

The only thing better than an OverRye dinner is an OverRye dinner with a celebrity look-a-like at a celebrity steakhouse! Things got ‘extra’ during our outing to Tom Colicchio’s CraftSteak in MGM Grand…

OverRye at Herbs & Rye: That’s Got a Nice Ring to It

As mentioned in our first story, OverRye is about capturing the experience you have with friends OVER a glass of RYE whiskey or some other delicious drink or tender steak that helps you let loose and simply live in the moment. And our last outing at the Herbs and Rye Steakhouse certainly…

Steaks, Pasta and Axe Holes: A Downtown Las Vegas Andiamo Steakhouse Story


This is OverRye’s first bachelor party edition. Why were we down town Las Vegas for a bachelor party you ask? The Glitter Gulch did close after all. Well, we’ll tell you why. To throw some axes that’s why! Yes. This is…

Welcome, Bavette’s—What took you so long?

We were just coming off an OverRye evening at Prime. It’s difficult to compete with an evening that includes a celebrity chef, the Bellagio fountains and an established steakhouse. Bavette’s, however, was up to the challenge. And let us say: She was…